Tenants must meet the following qualifications in order to rent from Anchorage Point. No exceptions.

1. Income Qualification

Tenant’s weekly income must meet or exceed twice the weekly rent. For example, if your weekly rent is $150.00, your weekly gross income must be twice that amount, or $300.00 per week.

2. Criminal History

Your criminal record must have no more than one felony, no aggravated assaults, no theft/robbery, no drug manufacturing or trafficking, and no sex or violent crimes.

3. Occupancy Limits

Permanent residents are limited to 2 per studio and one bedroom, and 4 per two bedrooms.

4. Senior Citizens

Age 60+ may reduce these income requirements by 33%. Example: a senior must prove income of $215 per week to rent a $159.99 studio.


Pets, including those belonging to visitors, are not allowed on AP property.

Move In Today!
Print out the application and drop off at the Anchorage Point office OR fax it to (602) 995-1916 OR e-mail info@anchoragepoint.com.